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Dedicated to the memory of Tom Tweedy 1948 - 2008

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Tom Tweedy A memorial

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GMS: We're all here to help you in whatever way we can. Newcomers to Diplomacy [perhaps those used to only ftf play] might like to see the FAQ and the brief 'Introduction to Newcomers' describing what these pages are for and how to play the games.

Diplomacy Ratings: Also in the Dip2000 team doing the Diplomacy statistics for dip2000 games, are Karl Georg Øhrn, Pete Smith, Ally Bain and John Wright. So, If you're interested in ratings keep an eye on these pages tend to change quite quickly. To see what they've produced so far click the 'Game Ratings' button on the left for further detail

The GM Team running the games here are
Ally Bain, Frederic Bartlett, Gary Cash-Harvey, Richard Hucknall, Jan Willem Omlo, Morgan Phillips, Charles Robinson, Josh Sansom, Andy Scott, Pete Smith, Shane Smith