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My name is Andy Scott, I am 37 and married to Lois. We have a son Connor who was born in 2002. Currently I am a house husband who looks after Connor and plays too much Dip according to my wife :-)) Before this I have worked for many different companies in many different jobs but the main one was catering management and I worked in the catering industry for 14 years.

I have been playing dip since I was 16 but this was very sporadic games of F-t-F until I discovered e-mail dip in 2000. Now I am completely addicted to diplomacy on Dip 2000!!! I have now played over a dozen games on dip 2000 alone and am also involved with the Psychopath web site where I play variants and En Garde.

My other interests include wargaming, reading, cooking, music, role-playing, in fact games of any sort!!! My main criteria for dip is to have fun, winning and losing are not important; unless it's me losing of course then it's a tragedy!!!!