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My name is Pete Smith >From Bristol UK Home for unlucky diplomacy players. I am from the West Country area. Born Oct 1958. Married Aug 1985 to Gina from Liverpool, we have 3 lads in their 20ís, Craig, Darren and Lee. Joined the Army at 16 from school in 1975 and passed out to 1st Royal Tank Regiment. Spent most years on Recce roles all around the world, and then went onto MBT's (Main Battle Tanks). Got married and we decided to get out before we had kids. Ended up as a postman (PHG-- Postman Higher Grade) now all Royal Mail postman are all one grade called OPG, well, it beats walking the streets. Played diplomacy when I was a kid, and spent hours playing in Cyprus with army mates because there is bugger all else to do if you don't like sun bathing for 1 year. When I left the army I found the dip2000 site, and as I can't stand soaps on TV, spend hours playing on my home built pc's, so thought I would give it a go. Hobbies & pastimes. Building/fixing PC's. Being a Taxi for the 3 boys and their partners/mates. Camping/walking. Spending hours on the PC running/playing dip2000 games. Helping with our local scout group ( two of our lads and Gina are leaders). Photography - Iím now a non-smoker proudly owning a Nikon D3100 plus tons of kit, but even after stopping Oct 2010 to save up to get it, I still want a ciggie ! - . Some of my pictures can be found on photobucket. There are 3 albums of pics on this site so far. Army days, Arty Farty and my entryís into my local camera club completions. I have two main problems 1. Evil sense of humour. No matter what happens, there is always a funny side to it. 2. I am dyslectic; so sometimes you might get a garbled e-mail, if I forget to spell check the thing.