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My name is Mark Stretch. I first started playing Diplomacy back in 1988 (or 1990 depending upon when you count from). I ran the postal games zine One Man's Rubbish for over 3 years before work got in the way and stopped things. Mind you at 50+ pages, it wasn't something I could knock off in 5 minutes. I also am one of the tournament directors of the Mind Sports Olympiad, dealing with the diplomacy, acquire and settlers events. If any of you are free in August and fancy coming along, you will be very welcome.

These days, I'm a qualified accountant working in Reading or wherever they send me and living in Didcot (or out of a suitcase - depending on where they send me). I live here with my girlfriend (the lovely Nadine), plus her 4 bunnies & budgie (I must be mad, I know - all recipes for rabbit stew welcome).