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My name is Tim Sweeney [Okay, admittedly, I am Lars, but I SWEAR TO GOD Tim (a.k.a. The Fat Blue Cat) asked me to submit his picture. And even if he had not, you'd still post this one and announce it on the Message Board, right?]. I am 32 happily married with three young children. I first learned how to play diplomacy when I was 19 and immediately bought my own set, unfortunately like so often happens I had difficulty finding 6 other players and even when I found a few people it was not always easy to get them to stay long enough to finish the game. On a lark I looked up diplomacy on the Internet in the autumn of 2000 and found this site and signed up for a game - Badajoz. Since then I have finished other games and am playing in a few. My exposure to the various GMs and players and the friendships I have formed were instrumental in my decision to get more involved both as a GM and helping Paul with the stats. Personally, I think email diplomacy is the best format for the game as it allows you to have rapid but in-depth diplomacy with your fellow players over a reasonable period of time. I have found an uncommon sense of fellowship, camaraderie and good-natured banter among the growing number of "Regulars" now playing on this site and I hope that those of you who are new to Dip 2000 will join us in our revelry, intrigue and skullduggery. Good hunting and remember fight on to the bitter end!

Besides Diplomacy I love most sports and games and enjoy teaching them to my two sons and can't wait until the youngest is able to start getting involved, I also enjoy hiking and camping. I am an avid fan of Dungeons & Dragons 1st addition, enjoy an assortment of literature, particularly SciFi.