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Hi, my name is Lars Topholm. I am 39 years old and a viking - living just North of Copenhagen, Denmark, with my wife and two little kids - a girl aged three and a two-year old son. I work for an investment bank as an equity analyst covering food ingredients stocks, among other things, which allows me to spend hours in the office, allowing me to take a break when the kids are giving me too hard a time. I used to play face- to-face diplomacy in the distant past, and then a work colleague introduced me to Dip2000 and I soon became addicted (thanks to excellent GM-ing by Richard Hucknall and after pulling off a few good draws in my first two games, only to be subsequently slaughtered by Mr. Sweeney).

Apart from diplomacy, my hobbies include golf, bridge (p.t. taking a break), and reading - favourite authors include Haruki Murakami, Paulo Coelho, Dai Sijie (and other contemporary Chinese authors), Margaret Atwood, Carl Hiaasen, Douglas Coupland. I travel quite a bit, particularly in South East Asia (my wife is a Malaysian Chinese). My absolutely worst personal characteristic is that I tend to try to make a joke out of most things - please bear over if we meet in a game!