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My name is Steve Turner, but Tom just calls me Troublemaker from my early days on Diplomacy 2000. After a fire at home in 2002 that caused me to have to give up GMing for a few months I returned and changed my dateline to Phoenix. I'm 46, divorced and have three daughters (two of them step-), one who lives with me all the time, one who lives with her mum and the eldest who lives with her boyfriend. This photo was taken one Christmas when I was a student. Need I say more?

I'm also a granddad as of Novermber 19th 2004 - picture of my granddaughter aged 4 days might get posted here.

My first game of Diplomacy was by mail and started in 1988 in a beginners' zine (Springboard) from where I moved to play in two other zines. Both these folded around the same time in late 1994, the two games in one declared as draws and one or two games in the other transferred to Stephen Agar's zine. However due to the very slow turnarounds at this time I got very bored and dropped out of the hobby. I had played in 7 games and 1 ftf game at Manorcon.

I bought my computer six years ago, browsed a few newsgroups and found out that Stephen's zine was going online. I subscribed and found that the games were being run by Tom Tweedy on this site. Within a few months I had volunteered to run a few games.

On Diplomacy 2000, I have finished about a dozen games and have GMed over 50. At the moment I'm in semi-retirement from playing and GMing.

I read quite a lot, mostly Isaac Asimov (fiction and non-fiction) and Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. I watch a little television (nothing like what I used to) nearly all American stuff, currently Battlestar alactica (when it returns) both Stargates, three Law & Orders, three CSIs, West Wing, Desperate Housewives are the must sees.

Me and my daughter, Tash, have quite a lot of DVDs, both film and TV. We don't go to the cinema all that often, the last films we saw were the three Lord of the Rings films (7 times in total) and the next two are likely to be Star Wars III and Serenity (the Firefly film).