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My name is Tom Tweedy [Hah, just found a photo of me when I was 23 - so young and so innocent. :-)]. I'm 54, now retired [of sorts] and living deep in the heart of rural Buckinghamshire, England, with my wife [Jan] and two Dalmatians [thankfully my 31 year old son has moved out into his own place].
I have no social life whatsoever, mainly due to the fact my taskmaster GMs won't let me close any dip2000 waiting list and keep my nose to the grindstone continually updating the site. Though I'm now getting one up on them since the waiting list automation is now taking affect. Ahhh... free time. :-)

I joined The PBM Hobby around 1979, coaxed into it by Jan finding an advert in 'Games & Puzzles'. Initially becoming interested in it through postal chess. My first foray into diplomacy was in a small PBM zine called Whiskey Mac, but I quickly went on to joining other mags [Dolchstoss, Greatest Hits, Puppet Theatre News, Fall Of Eagles, Ode, Chimaera and many more] and playing other games.

Shortly after that [about 1980] I started a subzine to Clive Booth's Chimaera called Dib Dib Dib and introduced to the PBM hobby the first postal version of the boardgame Sopwith. After only 4 subzine issues Dib broke away and became a fully fledged zine in it's own right [offering postal diplomacy and Sopwith games], becoming 30+ foolscap pages, over 100 subscribers, and went on to issue 75 before it folded.
After that I dropped out of the hobby altogether. Until Steve Agar came to me about March 1999 asking me to take over GMing 6 games for him in SPOFF Online. This I agreed to do, starting up the Diplomacy 2000 website to help the SPOFF players. It came as some surprise then when Steve suddenly folded SPOFF and left me sort of hanging out there on a limb. Suddenly the player requests started flooding in, so much so I had to recruit extra GMs to help me. The rest is as you see it now. A nightmare!

My interests [when I get the time!] are/were swimming, diving [scuba], judo, archery, computer RPG's [Wizardry 1-8, Ultima 1-7, Might & Magic 1-8, Command & Conquer series, Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, Neverwinter Nights, SoU and HotU, and now on NWN mods.], boardgames, movies, reading [anything I can get hold of], though mainly fantasy [Robert Jordan, George RR Martin, Raymond E Feist and suchlike] SF, period stuff [CS Forester, Patrick O'Brian, Bernard Cornwall], anything really. And taking the pee out of any of my GMs whenever I can. Ahh, the fun type things one can still find to do in this life... :-)