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I'm Eelco van Duijnhoven, born on the 20th of march 1964 and from the south of The Netherlands. I'm married to my lovely wife Elizabeth for 10 and half years now and we have two sons, Kevin (9 years old) and Dane (7 years old). We've also got the pleasure of housing a huge and friendly cat who's age is still under debate but we expect him to be around 14 or 15 years old.

My hobbies, beside playing diplomacy, includes reading and collecting books about the north american indians, watching football (our local team Helmond Sport and I've been a fan of Liverpool FC since the early seventies), listening to music (a wide variety) and off course my two sons. I've been trying to interest them in the game as well but so far they're mainly interested in what color I'm playing with and comparing my number of pieces to the number of pieces of the other players. Maybe in a few years time the can play a game U15. ;)

As for my Diplomacy career, it hasn't been a long one. I've played it in my teens and early twenties (ftf) with family and friends. And, like so many others, I've lost touch with the game because friends got married and it became harder to rally players for a game. About 2 years ago, spring 2000, I surfed around and tried to find something about diplomacy. Next to a couple of other sites I found this one and thought I would give it a go. Up until now I've played in various variants with various results and after the Crowded game became a GM on the site. So, that's it from me for the moment. 'Houdoe'. :)