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Hi I'm Alex Williams, as every other GM seems to have a very out of date photo I thought I might as well join in. My profession is the oldest on the earth (well someone had to teach soldiers and the other profession) yes I am a teacher. I generally teach Mathematics but have been trying to get out of the UK education system for some time including a year in which I operated as a handyman.

Sorry ladies I am already married so you will have to admire me from afar... My wife is called Heather and she has a Doctorate in Medical Physics (don't ask).

I have a wide variety of interests including hill walking, keeping two aquariums, supporting Bolton Wanderers Football Club (my games are all named after players past and present) and England at cricket and rugby, not so sure about the football team. I occasionally tread the boards at a local theatre, like good beer and I am studying for a masters degree in Philosophy. Oh I should mention that I am practising Christian (none of us are good enough to do it properly yet) so if you need prayer I will try to squeeze you in.