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Hi there everyone, my name is Josh Sansom and I am one of the GM's on this site. I live just outside Torquay in Devon, which is a seaside resort surrounded by countryside. I was born in 1988 and I am currently in the process of training to be a Chartered Surveyor (by the time you read this I may have already qualified in which case - yay! :)). I live with the missus Kate who, unfortunately, doesn't really "get" the game particularly, but is happy for me to be kept busy with it. She has a passion for horses and runs a livery yard so I tend to do my adjudications on a Sunday afternoon when she is off riding a pony. I played some polo at university, but am no really into riding horses. I tend to go along as either "moral support" or "general dogsbody".
As for me I have an interest for history and particularly Anglo-Saxon history (English history from c. 600 BCE to 1066 BCE) and early Medieval History of Britain and Europe (c. 900 BCE to 1250 BCE). In the spirit of this many of my games have related game names, I try to put down some brief explanatory notes to them as well and I hope that prove informative and interesting. My other interest in life is football. I have been a Chelsea FC fan for many years now, so if anyone wishes to discuss "The Beautiful Game" with me feel free to drop me a line! :)
I first played diplomacy at school where things didn't exactly go well for me... I was playing against some rather experienced campaigners an got something of a spanking. Some may suggest that little has changed!! Some of my friends from that time were regular players on the site and they introduced me to it. I played one game when I was at school before reacquainting myself with the site towards the end of 2007.
My first game then was And the Sky Full of Stars and I was hooked on the site ever since. I try to play a number of games simultaneously as well as being an active GM. I like to be able to give something back to the site and hopefully I am a worthy addition.
I thought that this would be a good time to outline some of the rules that I govern my games by. I can be quite strict, but that is because I feel that it is the best thing for your enjoyment and for the credibility of the games that you play. The main points I would like to outline would be as follows:
Please ensure all emails to me bear the name of the game, the country you are playing, and the season within the subject line. Ideally this should be arranged as follows “(Game Name) – (Country) – (Season & Year) - (Provisional Orders / Final Orders). Please remember to do this, I adjudicate a number of games simultaneously and it certainly makes my job easier and makes it less likely that I will accidently forget a set of orders. Please ensure that you send provisional orders in promptly prior to the Spring 1901 deadline - the game cannot begin until you do and it is one of the most frustrating parts of being a GM trying to track down errant provisional orders! Please remember that if you don't send them you will be removed from the game. As they can be changed at any time I suggest that you send them in immediately (i.e. before you conduct any diplomacy)... after all it only takes a minute to do. I adjudicate games promptly so please ensure that you send in your orders early or else you could risk NMR'ing. Proxies – You can proxy any / all of your units to another player during the game. To do this you must send an email to me confirming your intention to proxy those units. It is then up to you (or the proxyor) to inform ther players if you wish. It should be noted that a proxy can be withdrawn by the proxyee at anytime without needing to tell the proxyor; there are no limits on what a proxyor can do with your units from disbands to leaving centres open; if the proxyor NMR's and sends your power into anarchy it is you and not them that goes into anarchy! So be careful. I will not accept complaints where a proxy has an incorrect / unintended effect. There is no time limit on the length of a proxy, however, where I feel that a player has used a proxy as a means of getting out of an obligation to play in a game I may decide to use my powers as GM to either hold their "normal" status or reduce their "regular" status. Press - I will be very happy to receive and print press in normal games. No press will be allowed in Gunboat games. Under standard houserules press marked “Govt” can only be sent by that nation, while press marked without it can be from anyone. As such “London (Govt.) …” - Press only sent from the English player. “London …” – Press that could be sent by any player. If it doesn’t have a strapline of some kind it will be marked “anon”. I will send in press from “The Ealdorman” and will be the only one allowed to do this. EGP's - Under the rules that I operate EGP's will only be printed where I feel that they are a fair and accurate reflection of the situation of a game. I will not print EGP's that seek to end a game early when it is not clear that a particular result is inevitable. Please remember that the Hasbro rules for the game of Diplomacy state that where the game is determined to end early all active players share equally in the draw, this is called Draw Involving All Survivors (DIAS). While ending the game one or two seasons early is a moot point I will not allow it where there is every chance of a different result happening. This should not only mean that all players must continue to participate in the game, but that all players, regardless of size still have something to play for in the game! Where an EGP is published I will resolve for the players to vote on the EGP. An EGP must pass with a "YES" vote from all active players. To that end abstentions are classed as a "NO" because I do not believe it is fair for the game to end early because an individual has forgotten to vote. The exception to this rule is with NMR's. Where an EGP is passed the result will be held as ending the game and the proposed moves of the players will not be actioned. In the unlikely event of a stalemate situation I, as a GM, will declare the game over under DIAS conditions.
I run my games with these rules to give all of you, as participants, the best chance of having an enjoyable game. I have tried to set out these rules clearly here so that you all know the way that your game will be run.