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I'm Robert Dane and was born of 6th September 1980. I live in Scarborough, England or in dip speak (Yor). I currently work in a care home for people with mental health problems. Outside Diplomacy I spend a lot time writing and recording music. I play (to some degree or another) Guitar, Bass, Clarinet, Bassoon, Keyboard (very badly!) and the recorder. Anyone that thinks that's a kids instrument will have me to answer to! I'm trying to read more books and just failing to find the time.

I was introduced to Diplomacy at university when a copy found it's way to the role-play and war-games society meeting early in 2002. We played a game FtF with weekly deadlines. This prompted us to search the internet for a blank diplomacy map to print out so we could have something visible to see when discussing the game in pubs. The Man who's games it was told me stories of the postal games he used to play and how some players would go to other players home towns to post letters with the appropriate postmark in order pass them selves off as that player. I liked the idea of playing a game with such subterfuge.

I soon found the Dip 2000 site and signed up for a game which was Alchemy and some how fluked my way to a 2 way draw. Since then I played a few gunboat games and ended up signing up for more. I asked about being a GM since I thought watching games and having players explain their thinking to me would be a very good learning more tactics for the game. I now find myself answering rules queries for a game I hadn't heard off 2 years ago! Despite my GM status I still consider myself new to the game and find myself being drawn in by some very obvious tricks which with the benefit of hindsight I should never have fallen for. I look forward to being at the top of the eagle ratings within the next five years :-)