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Hi, my name is Sebastian Egerton-Read and I am 13 years old and live on the Isle of Wight (off the coast of Hampshire). I am also a citizen of the USA and visit some of my relatives there once a year. The picture is of me on top of Golden Cap. I have been playing on this site since my first game Hasta in summer 2001. Aside from diplomacy I enjoy most sports but I especially enjoy playing Cricket, Tennis and Badminton. I also like any other healthy person enjoy computers, TV and reading.

[[[Tom] *Sigh* all this space to fill. Why are most of my GMs too shy to talk about themselves?
Can I just add, Seb has impressed a lot of people on this site, including my GMs, with an adult approach to the diplomacy game way beyond his years! An old head on young shoulders but definitely no pushover. You have been warned.]]