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I am Brian Frew, a 54 year old Headteacher of a Special School in Manchester. I am originally from Belfast in Northern Ireland, but have lived in England since 1974 for reasons which don't require a lot of imagination. Unlike Kenneth Brannagh, I still have the accent however.

I have played Diplomacy face-to-face but mainly postally since 1982 when I started playing in "The Church Mouse" - a much lamented zine from the North-east of England, where I lived at the time. I ran my own zine called "Veni, Vidi, Vici" in the late 80's and early 90's but I've got over that now. In addition to playing games and GMing on Dip2000 I also run a team ("Old Contemptibles") of old PBM lags in the Worldmasters tournament.

My other interests in addition to Dip include Chess, folk music (I sing and play whistle, bodhran and Appalachian dulcimer, in that order of competance) football (Newcastle United) and tennis. Being short of a hobby, I have also recently taken up poker with some success. Watch out when the dreaded "Kronsdat" sits down at your table!