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Before the bet with Steve Turner    

      After the bet - good grief

My name is Jeff Grzybowski, AKA: Grizzy, and a little bit about myself: I am 33 and live in northern Idaho, USA with my Fiance and spaztic cat who thinks himself a dog and follows me all over the house. I am attending the University of Idaho studying Wildlife Biology. Some of my hobies/activities include; hunting, fishing, photographing wildlife, watching baseball, playing RPG games on the PC, and also playing Dungeons & Dragons. I also enjoy playing cards (pinochle mostly), skiing, hiking, swimming, rafting, and pretty much anything outdoors and in the wilderness. I also enjoy music a great deal. I own about 400 CD's ranging in different genres from heavy metal, rock, classic rock, southern rock, blues, and jazz. So my games will be all named after songs from my favorite band Queensryche.

I got into playing Dip only about a year and a half ago through one of my best friends who is also a GM on this site, Tim (Timbo) Sweeney. Timbo tried to get myself and a few other friends together to play a F2F game about 6 or 7 years ago but we couldn't get past the part of arguing about the rules so that ended that. I played my first game called 'Divine Wind' GM'd by Duncan (Dunx) Proffitt and didn't do very well, but I did manage to survive it. I ended up falling in love with this game and have played several games since. I have gotten a little bit better than I was when I played my first game by pulling off my first (and only so far) solo win in 'Dwarf Gourami' as Austria. Then for about the last few months I have been prodding along asking all sorts of questions to our Grand Poo Pa, Tom, about how to GM. Then another GM on this site, Ally Bain, took me under his wing and through several sessions of messaging each other through MSN messenger, taught me how to GM. So, if I do anything drastically wrong should I end up GM'ing you who read this, you must blame it on Ally...:-) Anyways, I would like to say that I look forward to stabbing, lying, and cheating you....eerrrr, sorry, that got away from me there. What I meant to say is I look forward to playing/GM'ing you all in the future.