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Hello! I'm Richard Hucknall. I`m 70 going on 25, with a thinning head of hair and a thickening waistline. I live in north-west Leicestershire in the UK on the edge of Charnwood Forest with my wife Carole to whom I have been married for 46 years. I'm retired, but used to work for British Telecomms in their IT department before they made me an offer I couldn`t refuse some years ago now - voluntary redundancy and early retirement - so I took the money and ran. I have two grown-up children (Jon who you may encounter as a player on this site, and Jane), and three gorgeous grand-daughters. All live not too far away so we see plenty of them.

I first became hooked on Diplomacy about 1974, and played numerous postal games. I also produced my own Postal Diplomacy Zine `Fall of Eagles` for 91 issues in the late 70`s and early 80`s. I dropped out of the hobby about 1984 feeling burned-out and disillusioned, but rediscovered it on the internet in 1998 and so got involved again. I thoroughly enjoy both playing and GMing, and believe that e-mail is the ideal medium for Diplomacy, and that they could have been invented for each other.

Away from Diplomacy, my other hobbies are watching Notts County lose football matches and Genealogy. I have traced my paternal family back to the early 1600s, have an ancestor hung for forgery in Newgate prison, and am distantly related to singer Mick Hucknall. I also used to enjoy walking in the countryside, drinking beer and wine, and seeing as much of the world as my wallet would allow, but health issues have severely curtailed much of this in recent years. I used to be an ardent jogger and competed in numerous half-marathons (albeit rather slowly) but again have had to stop this on medical advice.

I take great pride in the way I run my Diplomacy games on this site and expect my players to put in sufficient effort to make the game enjoyable for all. If we meet me as players in a game then you can expect me to put 100% effort into it, and maintain regular communication whether I am your ally or your enemy.

Enjoy your Diplomacy.