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Hi - I'm Stuart Bennett and I live in England in the county of Surrey, about an hour south of London, with my girlfriend. I work for the UK arm of a Spanish based finance and insurance organisation and am still trying to convince them that it would be in everyoneís interests if I did so from an all expenses paid five-star villa on the Costa Blanca.

I played a bit of FTF Diplomacy many years ago, getting back into it with interest a while back when I stumbled across the Dip2000 website and somehow managed to win the first game Iíd played in about 15 years. When Iím old and in my rocking chair Iíll probably still be reflecting on that as my Diplomacy high water mark although having a laugh along the way is really all that matters.

Away from Diplomacy Iím into most sports, in particular cricket and football (soccer) and am a long-suffering supporter of Tottenham Hotspur F.C. for my sins. I also enjoy photography, backgammon, travel, a wide variety of music and have a keen interest in military history which is reflected in my game names. At weekends we like to explore our local countryside and most importantly its alehouses.

My worst habit as a player is staying up very late to finalise my plans - well, famously, so did Winston Churchill in his own slightly bigger Diplomacy game - and itís not unknown for me to send through last orders at 2am on deadline day. So if you ever have urgent need of a GM in the middle of the night you know where to come, although if itís really late or youíre utterly desperate just convoy that army to Switzerland.

Happy playing.