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My name is Jan Willem Omlo, abbreviated JW, though there are numerous English-speaking people who insist on calling me Jan. My first names roughly translate as John William, or Johann Wilhelm, or Jean Guillaume (French are allowed to call me JG as well).

I was born in March 1974, which at least tells you how old I am now-when-you're-reading-this, instead of now-when-I'm-writing-this. I live in Groningen, the Netherlands, and at this moment of writing (September 2006) my current relationship approaches its first anniversary. I work as a senior Java developer for various companies and am enjoying myself greatly.

Next to that my main hobby is playing in musicals. I sing, dance and act my little heart out, not professional, mind! Apart from that I like to read (mostly fantasy), play bridge and listen to music. Oh yes, and Diplomacy naturally. The games I GM are all called after my favourite songs, combines my last two hobbies nicely :-)

My Dip-carreer started in 2000 when I stumbled across this site. And while I've checked out other sites like Redscape, Cat23 and a couple of others, this one draws me back every time. My current amount of games is a bit low and that's fine with me, keeping track of 5 or 6 games is sometimes a bit much. And GMing gets more enjoyable by the game, also due to some cool improvements by the magnificent Dip2000 team. Oh yes, and despite some heavy prolific draws, I am still waiting for my first Dip-solo.

This picture was taken when I played my second ever face-to-face tournament and to my great surprise I won it and could call myself German champion ftf-diplomacy for a year. But the next tourney, EDC 2005, I finished 26th, so it must've been coincidence. But don't I look trustworthy? :-)