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My name is Andrea Pellegrino. I am Italian and live in Camogli (Genova) near Portofino, check this out on a map and you'll understand why normally you won't hear from me during week-end: no Internet on the beach...still!

I am 35, I have a wife and a 16 months "old" boy.

I like to journey, I play Bridge and I practice Canyoning (too long to explain what it is right now but if you are curious ask me again or check it out on Also I like cooking.

Other than that I am a supporter of Sampdoria soccer team.

I've played Diplomacy since 2000, got to know it from an Italian Friend, tried to play in an Italian site but I was not satisfied. Then I found Dip2000 and enlisted for my first completed game: a Win! I am still trying to convince some friend to try it, my aim is to try the FtF version although I am having some problem getting the gameboard!