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I live in Southeastern North Carolina, US. I am married with two boys. David will turned ten in April and Sam will be seven in September. I'm currently working as an administrator at the local community college while Kristel (my wife) teaches the boys at home in our small school (Quantum Academy), runs a home school cooperative and teaches online at two other local schools.

Besides my "day job" and spending time doing Diplomacy, I also teach Sunday school and Bible study, play piano and try to keep up with the younger guys playing softball at our local church. Additionally, I run a fantasy football league, coach American flag football for five - seven year olds and try to take care our of big frame house that is nearing the age where everything needs fixed or replaced.

I first played Diplomacy as an undergrad at the University of Florida in the early '80s FtF. I didn't really think about playing online until I taught a math class involving game theory where I needed something for the students to work on to practice "threats and negotiation". I remembered Diplomacy and started using it in class. I have been playing on Dip2K since 2003 when I began using the games as examples for my students. I used to tell people that I solo'd in my first game on the site (We Are Each Other) playing England, but I have only managed two non-gunboat solos since that first one so I am trying to keep it hush-hush. White Marsh, my byline, is the name of the swamp behind my house where the boys find their turtles, lizards, snakes, buried industrial waste, bugs, squirrels, lost civilizations, etc. David is finishing Cub Scouts this year and is working on his "Arrow of Light" award. Sam is excited about starting as a Tiger Cub. We all are video game addicts right now.

The picture is from one of my trips to Constantinople to negoation with the leaders of the Ottoman Empire... actually from a animal refuge that keeps unwanted wildlife, this guy thought he should become a Gator fan.