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I just thought that I'd officially introduce myself to all of you. I have met a few of you (either as my GM or as my staunch ally on the battlefield), but for most of you I have yet to have the pleasure of making your acquaintance. I'd like for you guys to know a few things about me, so that I'm not such a stranger. I live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I am married with two kids. Benjamin (the older by two years) and Elliot are both spring babies. I'm currently a stay-at-home-dad with the boys, while Lise Anne (that's my wife) works for the local chapter of the Red Cross... I'll probably be starting work sometime soon, so my home time is likely limited. : ( While the kids are sleeping at night, I'm supposed to be studying to obtain my Certified General Accountant designation, but instead I procrastinate by playing Diplomacy or downloading the latest TV show (and storing it on my computer because I have no time to watch it... I am constantly running out of room! ; ) I do also manage to get out to a couple of soccer practices when the fields aren't rained out and the coach even lets me play once in a while on game day. Other interests include: reading/watching good sci-fi/fantasy (I'd highly recommend Firefly, the Battlestar Galactica redo series, or Heroes to anyone and anything written by Tad Williams), reading comics (Garth Ennis is a great writer if you have the stomach for it ; ), Insects (I have my degree in Biology), Birding, hiking, and general outdoor mayhem (with a pair of young boys it's quite easy to get into)... Also, I would recommend anyone to pick up a Tragically Hip CD, as they are probably one of the best Canadian Rock bands around and my favourite band that is still together (Unlike Soundgarden or Led Zeppelin). My games are named after Tea Party song titles (another great Canadian band!) because they are so fitting! btw, I use the handle "soreleg" because it is the only "nickname" that has ever lasted more than a month or two... I received it when I blew out my knee (ACL completely torn and MCL torn about 80%) in first year. The reconstruction went smashingly! I was on crutches for two months and in a brace for another month, but the nickname only lasted my first year at university, so... (funny thing is in my second year, I relayed this story to my floor mates and they tried really hard to pin any nickname on me, but to no avail...) Later, (soreleg) Greg.