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My name is Simon Prebble, I am 25 years old and I live in the heart of Buckinghamshire. I live with my Girlfriend in a flat, so no pets, but we do back on to the train station so people watching is almost as good. I am a network consultant working in London, I hate the travel, but the job is very satisfying. I guess its a fairly safe position as I don't know of any computer that has yet to go wrong. For apparent enjoyment, I am a Scout leader for the local troop, I help with my Girlfriends Cub pack that she runs, I enjoy walking and watching Wasps play excellent rugby, not always the case though. I started playing dip about 5 years ago. I then started GMing a few games, Silly being the high point. I then took a break from Dip for about 2 years whilst work pressures and life took up all my spare time. However, with time starting to creep back, and little to do with it, I thought it about time I gave some more to Dip.