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My name is Duncan Proffitt, but most people call me Dunx. I have been in the hobby for 20 years. I was introduced to it by my brother in law, who is German, and he had lots of Ravensburger games. We used to play a lot when he lived in Windsor and I lived in the East End of London.

I first played a game of postal dip in Danny Collman's Springboard. As a teacher, Danny devoted his time to teaching others the basics of Diplomacy. It was a good academy and I learnt some valuable lessons from the zine. Sadly it has now folded.

After I played in Springboard, I joined three or four other zines and I was a regular player at the conferences and I started my own zine. Due to a humongous screw up in my personal life that led me going to Poland, Germany, Greece, Malaysia, Thailand and finally Egypt, my zine folded. I am now regularly playing and GMing in Dip2000 after eight years away, and I had made my return to the UK from the beginning of October 2000.

But it is now 2006 and things have moved on. Goodbye to the pub, goodbye to the Fun Bunny and hello to travelling around Europe again. I am currently studying to improve my level of German, so that I can get a job teaching diving in the Maldives. Should be here for about six months, unless, of course, things change. Which, in "Dunx-land", they normally do

My hobbies include, scuba diving, juggling, playing all sorts of games and listening to music. I am now finally realising my ultimate ambition to take underwater videos, as I finally have a rather funky camera. I also enjoy writing about my travels, so as a person on my address book, you could be receiving regular emails from me about my musings around the World. I also play, very badly, the saxophone, and in times of hardship, I guess, I could get my horn out and try and hustle up some cash, blowing the thing!