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Hi, I'm 41 years old (in 2006) and live in Tiptree, Essex, England with my wife Janine, and 6 year old daughter Libbie. I'm originally from Lutterworth in Leicestershire, and visit there regularly. I've recently changed jobs, and am currently working for a defence company as the Programme Manager supplying the Navigational Bridge equipment to the Royal Navy's new Type 45 Destroyer. Prior this my civilian career included, a short spell as a Project Manager supplying Communications Equipment to the Army and before that I spent nine years as a Senior Systems Engineer, and then as a Programme Manager, for a company that manufactures Navigation Radar and Display equipment. My Military career started when I left school and joined the Royal Navy, spending twelve years training and working as a Radar Maintainer. I did two Gulf Patrols, (but managed to miss the fighting both times) and one trip to the Falklands. I was lucky enough to travel to forty one countries in the Navy and have added eight more since. I will fulfil my ambition of visiting fifty countries when I go to Slovenia in May 2007. Some of my exploits in the past have included - driving across the USA single-handed (NY to LA - it took a month), eighteen free-fall parachute jumps, bungee jumping, jet skiing and scuba diving. Now that I have a family my hobbies are a little more sedate, mainly DIY and diplomacy. I discovered Dip about 14 years ago but, like many others, could never get enough people to play face-to-face. I've played in a number of UK postal zines over the years, and started playing e-mail dip in 2000. I've since played in over 50 games on the site, and in 2005 thought it was time I gave something back by becoming a GM.