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Stats & Site Links

This page contains links within the site such as our stats pages, external links such as external stats pages and may contain links to the pages of our players. We cannot guarantee the contents of any site not hosted on the pages.

Diplomacy 2000 Stats Pages

These pages are not yet re-coded

The Gamestart & player number stats
Games listed by start date

The Diplomacy 2000 Player stats
(previously compiled by Paul Simpkins & based on his data)

The status of all games in the history of Dip 2000
The players and results of all the games
The accumulated player stats
The Games people play (listed by player)
The medals table
Who won what (listed by player)
Who drew what (listed by player)
who survived (listed by player)
who were eliminated (listed by player)
and who went into anarchy (who's been bad then?)

External Stats Pages

Eagle PointsKarl Georg Ohrn developed a rating system where each game is given a value according to the relative positions of each participating player in the system. This is now being run by Jim O'Neil.
Game StatsFrom John Wright - a lot of work went into this.
Name of the GamePete Smith has listed every game name and why it was so named.
Gunboat OpeningsAlly Bain offers some Gunboat Opening observations
Gunboat EndingsAnother page from the Ally Bain stables. The Gunboat Endings just state the countries not players.
LanguageAlly Bain looks into the language of Diplomacy
Openings analysedCies de Thieje analysed openings and related it to results and worked out which are the most popular openings and which gets the best results. Not updated since 2005.

External Links

DiplomacyCast.comThe site is run by Eric Meade and Nathan Barnes, two well known US Dip players, and the podcasts are an entertaining journey through all things Diplomacy.
diplomacy-archives.comA large site run by Stephen Agar. Definitely a site to go to for the Diplomacy enthusiast. Archives of Diplomacy history, lots of articles on tactics and strategy, and much much more. And while you're there it's worth downloading and taking a look at Steve's PBM zine Armistice Day.
Diplomiscellanycontains the Model House Rules for Non-Judge E-Mail Diplomacy; home pages for several variants, including Conquest of the Americas, Maharajah's Diplomacy, Mandate of Heaven and Western World 901; and several Diplomacy-related articles, links to Diplomacy/Gaming resources, and other materials.
UK Face to Face DiplomacyA new site from Graeme Murphy and Dave Simpson to promote the Face to Face game and the 'Tour of Britain', their own F2F competition which runs at various conventions during the year.
Sowith StatsSopwith stats site run by Keith Thomasson, all you ever needed to know about Sopwith games, GMs and result.

Player Sites

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